Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Luck & Logic Episode 6

An episode that focuses on Yukari Nanahoshi while nice to see her recive some explanation of her motives and charcterizationit still feels all painfully cliche with her arc being one of using her stereotypically feminine virtues to overcome the monster of the week and even gain abilties as a Logicist. IT would be more fun or inriugeing if Yukari did'nt feel so flat as every charcter feels flat and one demensional while Yukari feels perilously close to a "Mary Sue". It's par for the course for the series with sub par writeing and ht and miss visuals that when good look to capture an impressive deversity of monsters and technology. While this feels mostly weak charcter design and tired and trite charcter writeing.

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