Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Streaming 2016: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Episode 3

This was the least bad episode of Phantom World by far with the overall theme of memories being used to develop Mai beyond the one-dimensional hot head she has been for the past two episodes. While Reina even gets downright introspective by the end of the episode. Making for an enjoyable episode that grows the characters a little beyond the one-dimensional archetypes they have been for now. While I also have to praise the action and fight choreography in this episode in wich Mei has to fight two spirits that want revenge against her for a past slight. The movement sense of place in it with tips of the hat to older Kung Fu movies and while the lazy option of using stills is used that budget cutting measure, at least, is compensated by the quality of the given fight sequences. Still not terribly deeps but thankfully this episode felt less pedantic than the previous two.

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