Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Streaming 2016: Luck & Logic: Episode Two

While this episode is less of a "commercial" the writing has still not improved this time large parts of it are expository dialogue to explain game mechanics or cut-rate team building exercises with shallow attempts at drama and a potential mystery that falls flat by the end. While Tsurugi feels like less of a cipher in this episodes and the brief glimpses into him haveing to juggle his family responsibilities are the highlight of the episode. IT's all too brief and is another missed opportunity at giving any of the characters some much-needed depth. Now the series is trying to do too much and not doing it well while the battle scenes were the highpoint of the first episode, this time, it's Tsurugi and Tamaki Yurine's team who have to fight a CGI version of the Belial from episode one in a washed out Danger Room rip off with the only positive part being Mana's dry word pun before delivering the coup de grace. It's really hard to find much good to say about a series this poorly written with a color palet that ranges from muted plastic coloring to blinding whites. While not haveing any reason to care it all feels so disinvested. I was hoping originally that this could have been like Selector Infected WIXOSS with maybe a little psychological depth or a bit of deconstruction. Instead, it's a gross cash in for a card game that has no real worth outside of being at best maybe an adolescent power fantasy.

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