Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Stream 2016: Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan: Intial Impressions

My first thoughts on watching this is it's a shorter version of Girl's High the infamous Manga and Anime series that exposed how gross and slovenly girls can be when removed from the need to look good for the opposite sex. At seven minutes the jokes come fast but characterization is established and it's for the most part playing against the perceived stereotype for main girl Galko who while she looks like the stereotypical blond haired bedecked Gal is oddly innocent in some ways and unknowingly blunt sure some of the jokes are crude body and bathroom humor the interactions are humorous partial due to the deadpan nature of Otaku's teasing while Ojou is just there nothing looks terribly off-model and for a short a decent amount of detail is put into characters. It's an oddity of a series as it doesn't make any fo the girls saccharine waifu bait but with the eight minute run time nothing is terribly deep still it feels just right in the eight minute run time with a good fast paced series of jokes even if the crudity may turn some off.

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