Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter Stream 2016: Luck and Logic: Episode 3

Cliche rules the day with an episode that focuses on Tamaki but leaves her even less developed and more one-dimensional by the end then at the beginning so she can make way for Yoshichika to take his predetermined post as leader. Thankfully the fight scenes are back to the quality of the opening episode and Mana gets another cool scene focusing on stealth in the defeat of one of the foreigners. While the twist at the end feels contrived and Athena is still really nothing than magical girlfriend Waifu bait. Visuals are back to a good place but honestly the writing is unsalvagable with its chock a block of archetypes as characters and painfully unfunny jokes. It's now something I hope can stop from embarrassing itself more than it already has. Wich is a shame because visually it's quite striking with its use of muted blacks and bright and dark colors. Still it's weak character design and unemotive performances by the entire cast. This continues to be the worst thing all around this season.

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