Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter 2016 Streaming: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Intial Thoughts

Set in a future where a neuro virus has now made everyone capable of seeing spirits and mystical creatures the episode starts out with our protagonist Haruhiko Ichijou expositing the limits of human cognition while breaking the fourth wall. that's the largest flaw in the series with large parts of it being little more than pedantic exposition and trivia from Haruhiko in short it's the same writing tropes and cliches that have made Anime adaptations of light novels a hard slog. Writing problems aside and the whole episode simply feeling like a setup and not an actual self-contained story with all the characters in place for the next episode. Honestly of all of them Reina Izumi the Japanese School Girl version of Kerby voiced by Hayami, Saori is the most interesting a withdrawn underclassman to hot tempered Mai. it's an unimpressive start as far as writing while visually there are some nice touches such as Haruhiko seeing everything as pixilated blocks when he wakes up or the few parts with Izumi that honestly make her stand out from the blank slate that is Haruhiko and the paint by numbers Tsundere that is Mai while Ruru the Jinn is good for the occasional comedic one-liner it's all very safe and rote if nicely animated in dribs and drabs I can only hope it improves and I'm not forced to stick with it simply Becuase I like Izumi and Saori Hayami's voice work

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