Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Episode 2

Another grating overwrote episode that is simply action and fan service put together in a way that makes you want to think it's important when really it's boilerplate through and through. This episode introduces Koito Minase the taciturn "ace" of the series who has some sort of past simply she comes off as a unlikeable character in a cast with the exception of Reina. While the battle animation is fluid and well execute it feels like all the attention is given to the action and the attempts at comedy are unfunny "misunderstandings". Two episodes in and technically it is not a bad looking series but it feels unfocused and riddled with cliches. Good character design and well-paced action can only get you so far this was the same problem that struck the latter half of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul with an attention to detail that while commendable ended up haveing no emotional resonance. Phantom World has the same problem except worse because it tries to be a comedy and unfunny comedy is worse than bland almost tragedy. Even the joke of Haruhiko summoning what looks to be a terrifying demon being a fluffy winged puppy feels old. While the repeated expository introductions by Haruhiko take me out of the fictional universe as a whole I am irritated. Another disappointing episode that is really only salvageable for me by the utter cuteness of Reina I really want my watching this show to be more invested then "boy Renia's cute". I, however, don't think I will have any deep interest in this series if the next episode continues this sort of low-ball comedy and pandering.

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