Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Luck & Logic: Initial Thoughts

I have never seen something so transparently trying to sell me something other than the handful of Yu-Gi-Oh episodes I saw when I was a kid. Luck & Logic a basic action series with the hero haveing greatness forced on him. Visually it's a weak plasticine looking affair for character design and the animation of the monsters the characters fight looks like where the budget goes. Writing is basic everything feels like a twenty-minute commercial. While the few attempts at tonal shift with our protagonist Yoshichika Tsurugi not wanting to get involved or his sister Shiori tearfully declaring that he is now a "villager A" kind of character feels wasted in something this crass. While Athena the magical being Yoshichika contracts with feels like a hollow Magical Girlfriend as power up item thing in short an object and not an actual being the same goes for almost all of the other "foreigners" in the series bland one note personalities. I can only hope the budget doesn't drop out in future episodes for battles as this is the only thing that would keep me watching. In short this is the worst kind of bad it's boring but I've committed to reviewing it and I plan on finishing it but if it's this level of writeing speas for the series as a whole I shudder for what I'm in store for.

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