Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Orange Complete Collection Volume One Review

Orange is a title I bought on a whim and almost didn't review due to after haveing read it hurt too much. Orange is a title of an odd origin originally serialized in Bessatsu Margaret after a year-long hiatus it resumed serialization in Monthly Action. So it went from being a Shojo Romance to a Seinen Romance title. The story itself is a mix of slice of live School Days Romance and speculative cosmological Sci-Fi dealing specifically with time travel. Naho Takamiya receives a letter from her twenty-seven-year-old future self-detailing her relationship and growing romance with outgoing transfer student Kakeru Naruse whe Naho along with ehr friends the big hearted soccer player Hiroto Suwa, nerdy Saku Hagita, outgoing and fashonable daughter of the local bakery Azusa "Azu" Murasaka, and statuesuge knight templear friend Takako "Taka" Chino. All take Kakeru in to their group in the past while the future selfs of the cast gather to mourn their now dead friend. While the story continues it is revealed that Kakeru is hideing a number of dark secrets and thoughts. It's thankfully never overblowen and it's the honesty of the eomtional ressonce and the self-sacraficeing nature of most of the main group that makes it not only sweet and comoforting but also deeply sad in that it's implied that even if the past is changed the future may not change. Mixtures of bitter and sweet innocence and excperince make for a work that is deeper than it apears at first glimpse. In particular *spoilers* the treatment of Kakeru's guilt over what he thinks is his fault for his Mother's suicide and his own suicideal thoughts is particulrely poginent and thoughtful shwoing that even if one seems okay on the outside they can be hurt, wounded and broken on the inside unable to express how they feel. It's the scene of Suwa hugging Kakeru and saying it's okay if he got annoyed at his Mom and that he and evryone else is there for him. It hurts for me to see it as around the same age I was very much like Kakeru outwardly trying to be upbeat and personable but inwardly falling apart and not knowing what to do and pardox of forced Joie de vivre and privete lachramyose comtemplation. It's a rough place to be and Takano, Ichigo gets that the pain is hard to swallow in this work but a friend is a frined indeed. While this is not an easy work to read I think it's nesscery and ultimitely a good work is an effecting work and this effected me deeply and I hope if nothing else people will give this seemingly chmirical mixture of romance, comedy, and sci-fi a try.

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