Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Stream: Rage of Bahumut Genesis: Episode 2

Well this tooka dark turn for the first half with Favaro trying to kill off Amira (the demon girl from the last episode), and while the second half tries to play it off as Favaro "kidding" it's kind of hard find him very likeale when he's willing to murder a innocent for his own vanity. While Amira for her part is very much the naive innocent and is far more enjoyable than our morally dubious protagonist. Also the rescue seems contrived and little is explained about Kaiser. Also Joan of Arc now wields giant Golem it's a cool opening scene but hurts my head as person who enjoys history. But I digress with some odd character twists and a growing mystery this looks to get better.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sailor Moon crystal: Episode 8

After a few episodes of poorly scripted dialogue the series get back on it's "War footing" with the introduction of Sailor Venus and further plotting of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship even haveing Sailor Moon saying she will protect Tuxido Mask wich is a nice little bit of characterization while Minako's introduction works showing a more seasoned vetren of the war against The Dark Kingdom. While the production schdule continues to reak havoc on the paceing of the series the epsidoes at least don't feel as disjointed or stilited now. While being able to capture the earnest purity of the orginal series. This stereach of the series has been rough but I think this episode things are back on track now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Streeam: TerraFormars: First Impresions

Wow this series is bad you would think a series based on successful manga would have some kind of budget but with character design and range of motion that make a motion comic look like the hight of artistry and flat one dimensional character writing. This is probably going to be one of the worst series of the season. Nothing is acomplished and the battles are so clumsilly censored for viilnce that it's almost impossible to watch due to the large black boxes. Nothing is really any good in this and at three episodes Idon;t hold out much hope for future episodes at all. I can only hope that some of the charcter interactions get better but as of right now with badly edited fight scenes and characters that are more a grab bag of tropes than fictional personalities this is a loss.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Stream: Gonna Be The Twintails: First Impressions

Witout a doubt this is THE stupidest anime I have seen in recent memory, the story of a twin-tails (a hairstyle in which hair is styled in twin ponytails), obsessed high school guy name Soji who must now fight a galactic race of aliens bent on ridding the world of twin-tails. Thus leads him being transformed into a female-warrior powered by his passion for twin-tails. I should hate this it's stupid, dirty minded, pandering otaku bait. But it's so over the top and earnest in it's love for a hair style that it's kind of hard to not get sucked into it. Also Sumire Uesaka voices Soji's female alter-ego which makes me happy as she is great in the roles I have seen her in from Dekomoir to Glako in Nobungagun. This looks to be a weird romp of epic proportions yet I love it.

Return of The Stream and Rage of Bahumut First Impressions

After a long hiatus of doing a streaming series due to numrious reasons I'm bringing it back because there are shows I want to talks about first up is Rage of Bahamut based on a mobile card game. Also Gonna Be The Twin Tails a Anime adaptation of a light novel series about a Twin Tails obsessed guy who becomes a gender swapped psudio magical girl because it seems too stupid not to cover but I digress other shows will be added if I feel like talking about them so new things happening. Rage of Bahumut ought to be really bad it's based on a mobile card game and is set in the kind of seemingly "cookie cutter" fantasy settings one finds in b grad fantasy and JRPG's instead we have a first episode that is epic with a capital E, from the opening battle between a titantic dragon and knight to the epic score even the summoning it all works and gathers a world filled with demons, roguish protagonist, and a world that is begging to be explored and best of all no prior familiarity with the game is required to enjoy the series it's simply a better than it should be fantasy series. SO this is a pleasant surprise

Monday, October 13, 2014

Parasyte: Series Review

Easily comparable to David Cronenburg's The Thing, Parasyte takes a concept of humanity slowly being destroyed by another life form going from a question of man's relationship to nature to the true nature of humanity and devolves into almost pure action in the second half. The skeleton of the story is that of average High School student Shinichi, having his hand taken over by an alien after it fails to take over his brain, this leads to a strange symbiotic relationship with alien (who he names Migi which is Japanese for right). While getting involved in ever escalating battles with the other parasytes who quickly learn how to pass in society in between devouring humans in gruesome ways. There are minor plot lines involving a poorly executed love triangle between Shinichi, his High School crush “girl next door” Murano and a juvenile delinquent girl named Kana who has some unexplained ability to sense parasytes. This is mercifully finished early in the series but not before Kana gets “put in the fridge” as a way to end it, while Murano is simply a passive girl there to be rescued and support Shinichi. Character interactions are not Iwaaki's strong point with the internal development of Shinichi being the best writing in the entire series as he struggles with the effects of having to fight almost anyone who could be a parasyte. This is what makes it worth reading is seeing his maturation and growth as a person, the ponderous pontificating about man's relationship to nature drags large parts of the story down early on. While the splatter heavy and sometimes meaningless violence such as the scene in which a lion goes on a killing spree, feal like an attempt at shock value that doesn’t shock, it simply feels gratuitous. Although thankfully the latter half moves faster than first focusing mostly on fight scenes between Shinichi and various parasytes. Or side stores on characters that are quickly killed off, only to advance the tightly winding aura of paranoia, desperation, and fear. While the ending gives a nice summation to the story and ties up loose ends from the earlier story arcs making it an enjoyable read that ends better than it begins and becomes less self-important. As even Iwaaki became tired of the “man as the enemy of nature” theme and instead chose to focus on the characters which makes it a better series than the almost “author tract” it was in danger of becoming. In conclusion as a work of horror is this scarey? Yes certain scenes no matter how many times I see them will always terrifying, from “the dog parasyte” to the psychopathic serial killer Uragami and the slow breakdown of society into paranoia. Yet mostly it's “gore fest” that you will like depending on how entertained you are by depictions violence, claustrophobic internal monologues, and arm chair philosophizing. While art and layout is drab and perfunctory, simply getting the feeling across and nothing more the scenes of violence being the most detailed with inky blood and flailing knife like protrusions from the parasytes who gain greater powers on in the story with no real explanation of how. While also having a completely meaningless sex scene between Shinichi and Murano, that had no reason for existing other than as some sort of fan service and even than is not that explicit or titillating.

Dance In The Vampire Bund Memories of Sledgehammer: Volume 3 Review

Considering that my reviews of the first two volumes of Memories of Sledgehammer were me saying the same thing but in different ways, I really hoped that the final volume for this series would have been better. Instead it's a muddled mess of easily telegraphed enemy reveals, along with speechifying by fanatical Roman Catholics that feel more at place in a baroque Gothic Horror novel like The Monk, than in the world of hard action and easy testosterone that Memories has set itself up to be. As far as an ending to a series it fails as it's nothing more than a lead into the sequel series due out in December, and the use of flash back as narrative destroys any forward momentum and needlessly complicates a really simple story. By retconing Reiko's sister Nicole and her motivation to a point that it confuses the original narrative in this series and Dance In The Vampire Bund so that it's not about a group of vampire extremists, who want to assassinate Princess Mina because they want to start over vampire-kind but because of Hama and his relationship to the sisters in a plot twist that is contrived and frustrating. At this point I'm convinced Tamaki isn’t even trying to answer questions left over from the original series but is simply spinning his wheels because it's a “hot property” for the magazine it's serialized in. This all leaves the bad taste of being a blatant cash grab in my mouth, and nothing is really resolved and the fact that Scarlet Order is supposed to take place in 2020 makes Memories an even more superfluous series as it's almost guaranteed to have most of the non vampire and werewolf characters will be long dead by than. I could be wrong about this (but I doubt it) and if I am wrong I'll be happy. But as is Dance In The Vampire Bund Memories of Sledgehammer, fails to expand on the DVB universe and makes simpler elements in this story more complicated than they have any right to be. Art is never a problem as the action scenes are loud and well paced with nothing looking off model yet there is also an over emphasis on sexualized torture which make it feel like a cast off penny dreadful and are uncomfortable and unnecessary to establish the evil intentions of the antagonists. It's sad to see something I like brought this low for seemingly no other reason than to get another $13.99 out of loyal fans yet here we are. All I can hope is that Scarlet Order is less of afaliure than what this series ended up being, the original Dance In The Vampire Bund had questions about duty, honor, love, and friendship and caused me to think awhile also entertaining. Memories has none of this it's a big dumb action series that trucks in hackneyed sentiment and nothing more if this was supposed to tide fans over before Scarlet Order came out than it's an utter failure. I may be unduly harsh on this but it's only because the original series was so good the decrease in quality is so startling and only makes me appreciate the original series more. As is this is a series that only completists should bother with as it's simply too bad to be of any interest to anyone else.