Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Stream: TerraFormars: Episode 4

Finally some actual emotion is injected into the series and an epic battle scenes that isn't marred by horrible editing making this at least a decent watch now, still nothing great and the muted pallet makes everything look washed out. Yet when the action kicks in things get enjoyable while the use of flash back throws a wrench in the forward motion of the story making for a frustrating "stop start" plot progression. Along with overuse of exposition to explain plot points. This sort of thing could be understandable if this series were based on a novel but this work wasn't so it's a waste of the visual medium.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Stream: Gonna Be The Twintails: Episode 2

This series continues to be better than it has any earthly right to be with Soji actually haveing a will and thoughts beyond being a plot device and I also have to give a lot of credit to Aika for haveing enough for thought to not blindly trust Twoearle. While Two Earle herself is a sketchy, manipulative, over sexed comedic foil that is funny in small doeses when playing off Soji or Aika. Yet could be a grateing unfunny presince if over used. than there;s Soji's Mom who probably has to go down as one of the worst recent mothers in a comedy not even careing about what her son wants and it's nice to see Soji and Aika at least think things through. While the main enimeies finaly get their backstory explained as they are a race of psychic vampires who feed on people's passion for things. This is mostly played for comedic effect and takes on a feel of Zvezda from World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Again this is asuprise as it's better even dealing with the crushing onset of Soji's alter-ego becomeing emminsely popular and gaining suppourters and backers all over. I can only hope this continues to pleasantly surprise me

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Stream: Parasyte The Maxim: First Impressions

The long promised Anime adaptation of the 90s Sci-Fi body horror Manga, this is a series that takes it's time and puts in a lot of effort in the action scenes. the story of average High School student Shinichi Izumi who's right hand becomes host to an extraterital parasite. Thus causing him to enter a world filled with shadowy other world of violence, while also dealing with another consciousness inside him. Other than some updates of the technology this is a scrupulously faithful adaptation of the Manga and it's to the credit of the source material that it still works. While the voice cast is supurb while some may dislike Kana Hanazawa's turn as Satomi (some feeling she's too passive) she captures the levels of her character while never coming off as one dimensional. While Aya Hirano steals the show for me as Migi the titular parasyte with a deadpan listless voice that captues another entity who values only it's self. While the body horror scenes are thankfully uncensored (unlike the Terafromars Anime. These stay with you masses of writhing flesh and sharpened flesh slicing through body parts. This looks to be the best thing for the fall season and if the quality can continue to hold out it's going to win a whole new generation of fans to the franchise.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Stream: Rage of Bahumut Genesis: Episode 2

Well this tooka dark turn for the first half with Favaro trying to kill off Amira (the demon girl from the last episode), and while the second half tries to play it off as Favaro "kidding" or was never serious to begin with. It's kind of hard find him very likeable when he's willing to murder a innocent for his own vanity or what have you. While Amira for her part is very much the naive innocent and is far more enjoyable than our morally dubious protagonist. Also the rescue seems contrived and little is explained about Kaiser. Also Joan of Arc now wields giant Golem it's a cool opening scene but hurts my head as person who enjoys history. But I digress with some odd character twists and a growing mystery this looks to get better I just hope Favaro get punched out by Kaiser or crossbow to the knee.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sailor Moon crystal: Episode 8

After a few episodes of poorly scripted dialogue the series get back on it's "War footing" with the introduction of Sailor Venus and further plotting of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship even haveing Sailor Moon saying she will protect Tuxido Mask wich is a nice little bit of characterization while Minako's introduction works showing a more seasoned vetren of the war against The Dark Kingdom. While the production schdule continues to reak havoc on the paceing of the series the epsidoes at least don't feel as disjointed or stilited now. While being able to capture the earnest purity of the orginal series. This stereach of the series has been rough but I think this episode things are back on track now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Streeam: TerraFormars: First Impresions

Wow this series is bad you would think a series based on successful manga would have some kind of budget but with character design and range of motion that make a motion comic look like the hight of artistry and flat one dimensional character writing. This is probably going to be one of the worst series of the season. Nothing is acomplished and the battles are so clumsilly censored for viilnce that it's almost impossible to watch due to the large black boxes. Nothing is really any good in this and at three episodes Idon;t hold out much hope for future episodes at all. I can only hope that some of the charcter interactions get better but as of right now with badly edited fight scenes and characters that are more a grab bag of tropes than fictional personalities this is a loss.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Stream: Gonna Be The Twintails: First Impressions

Witout a doubt this is THE stupidest anime I have seen in recent memory, the story of a twin-tails (a hairstyle in which hair is styled in twin ponytails), obsessed high school guy name Soji who must now fight a galactic race of aliens bent on ridding the world of twin-tails. Thus leads him being transformed into a female-warrior powered by his passion for twin-tails. I should hate this it's stupid, dirty minded, pandering otaku bait. But it's so over the top and earnest in it's love for a hair style that it's kind of hard to not get sucked into it. Also Sumire Uesaka voices Soji's female alter-ego which makes me happy as she is great in the roles I have seen her in from Dekomoir to Glako in Nobungagun. This looks to be a weird romp of epic proportions yet I love it.