Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Stream: TerraFormars: Episode 5

After four episodes of sub-par drama and little action this episode gives the throw down fight we've been clamoring for while the first minutes are absorbed in more expository flashbacks, action is the order and Terraformars does not disappoint with alternatively brutal and ingenious take downs of the Terraformers. While little bits of charcter building are laced in through out the fighting giving a reason to why Akari fights showing not only his kindness towards a young patient suffering the disease the crew is trying to find a cure for. But also the burden he bares. it's effective while Michelle simply owns every Terraformer epically with splatter gore all over the place. Solid action with some good character writing and while the cliffhanger seems forced I do want to know what will happen next and that is a good thing in a work of fiction.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Stream: Gonna Be The Twintails: Episode 3

Well Twin-tails givith and twin-tails takeith,if the last epsiode was supriseing in the intelligence of the character writing for Soji and Aika, this was an episode that showcases some of the worst pandering fan service in the series. While also being slight and has no real narrative structure other than Aika becoming the new twin-tail warrior although some of the psych out humor based around messing with what you think is happening is funny but not uproariously so while Aika's fight in the end is solid action still this feels like all the better than aspects of the series we're dumped in favor of the lowest common denominator. While faint prise can be shown in Soji trying to come to terms with his new found celebrity status as Tail Red other than that this is the dumb pandering ecchi episode that is "blu-ray bait" for the wanton nudity.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Series Anouncemenrt: It Came From The Bargain Bin

Seeing as I know have a steady source of income from Bing Rewards, in the form of five dollar Amazon gift certificates I figured it might be a good idea to find a new way to write about Manga I missed the first time around or just found out about. So with that a new blog series It Came From The Bargain Bin. this is were I blind buy ridiculously cheap manga and review it or and on. Don't expect this to be regular more a thing when I don;t have any regular series to review because I'm waiting for per-orders and don't have any excess disposable income. So this could be a fun adventure into really obscure or out of the way used Manga.

MAGP :Thanks, friends

Consider this me takeing a stand like many who are Otaku/fans of Anime an Manga I've watched fansubs and read Scanlations honestly they are not that good and all you have is the "word" of some person hiding behind a pseudonym's word that they translated it correctly. Of course I know all the arguments people use to defend their use of pirated content (I've used some of them). SImply put you are stealing from people's livelihoods when you use a fan sub or read a scan if your okay with that fine keep deluideing yourself into thinking who you are a "real fan" simply put you are a thief. I know this gets kind of preachy and heavy handed but people don't listin. With that if your a fan of Anime or Manga quit using pirated content or quit calling yourself a fan a fan contributes to the thing they love.

Fall Stream: Parasyte The Mxim: episode 3

In a word this episode is tense from the introduction of a new seemingly intelligent Parasyte in the person of Ryōko Tamiya the episdoe captures the sense of claustrophobic peranoia that Shinichi suffers not knowing who could be one of the Parasytes. While the questionign of man and morality in compareson to the parasytes is the srot of armed over sci-fi genere questions that feel played out. While the suppoused answers and tie to man being some sort of blight on the rest of nature feels reductionistc and poorly explained as people are not the same as a dog or a pig. This may be a philosohpicl diffrnice I have with the series but it's a big one. In short as a sci-fi, horror, and action series it works. the deepr plumbing of the depths of morality is tiresome and not half as thoughtful as the author would lead you to think. animation wise this continues to handle action and fight chorogrphy in a way that is both fluid and economicly blocked with a sense of sturcture that never feels wooden. Music also sets the mood well with a good use of dub-step inspired bass lines and synth.

Fall Stream: Rage of Bahumut Genesis: Episode 3

A episode that focuses mostly on Kaiser and is better for it while Favero thankfully get's smacked in the face so all is forgiven, still this was a episode that had a lot going on from Kaiser getting stuck in a village that feels eerily too calm and bucolic to tense action scenes and a little explanation of what The God Key is. Solid action and continuously improving character writing. While the building up of the eventual coming of the titular Bahumut feels like it's still building and when something happens it will be a grand spectacle.