Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy 55th Birthday to Evangelion Director Hideaki Anno

I still remember the first time I saw Eva and Shinji's always been one of my fave Anime and Manga Protagonist hard to believe the guy who created this is now 55! Happy, Happy, Birthday to Anno-Sama and many more

Anime Abandon: Video Girl Ai

Great Review of an underrated OVA and a really beautiful speech by Bennett on being okay to be an Otaku yeah it hurts sometimes to be an Otaku and feel like you are the object of ridicule but sometimes you just need someone to say "it's okay" and this is one of those thanks Bennett

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dropped Series: My Love Story (Anime and Manga), Dragonar Acadmy, and Watamote

Extreme culling of what Manga series I am collecting and Anime I am watching I have dropped the following series My Love Story (Anime and Manga), Dragonar Acadmy, and Watamote. For various reasons, from no longer being interested in them to looking at it from a cold hard economic perspective and weighing the cost of things I need to buy as opposed to things I want to buy and simply getting it down to 11 series (if 12 Beast fails to capture my interest after volume two I'll be down to 10 series.) All of this being said it's never easy to drop series you have or had affection for but sometimes you just need to let things go for a greater good. this is one of those occasions.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Stream: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works: Episode 19

Archer explicates his motivations to Shirou Saber's past is revered and the best villain ever finally reappears. Also Shinji gets knocked the f out by Lancer in a scene I could watch on a loop forever. Fro an episode that is mostly Archer explaining why Shirou's ideals are childish and not worth fighting for a lot happens from a charcter growth standpoint Shirou embraces being a hero. Lancer earns a shot at being noble despite his Master's nihilistic evil ( this is Kirei we are talking about). Yet Kirei's final act seems self defeating but he's always been the evil schemeing genius so I doubt he would be so stupid as to cut his nose to spite his face. Still Kirei owns every scene he's in with Joji Nakata's commanding voice makeing me altenritvely terrified and enthraled at what the wicked priest has plans for. While Rin is out of commission she still doesn't feel useless. Still this is a build up to the end and with battles and Kirei's villainy on full display things get interesting.

Spring Stream: Plastic Memories: Episode 7

Tsukasa tries to ask Isla out on a date and the first half is dedicateed to his doubts about wther she will say yest and being nudged along by his male coworkers. IT's again a very by the book sort of "date episode" that whiel not new or eraabley orginal is honest emotionally and makes for a good "warm fuzzy" episode only with the "backbeat" of Isla's eventual break down being an open secret until she finally tells Tsukasa about it it's a simple little moment of honesty that does a lot to keep the show from being mere emotional pornography or like an "crying game" from the 90s. Small incremental changes in the main relationship make for a more nuanced story beyond what could still very easily turn inot a soppy story of "doomed love" if it gets bungled I can only hope the promise of the first episode carries over to the conclusion though.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Stream: Episode 22

Awkward animation and trying to do too much in the small amount of time thus short changing some of the sub plots this episode does have some good character writing especially with Usagi and Mamoru relying on each other and the small touchs of clotheing animation deserve some praise as well. While obviously hinting at the origin of Black Lady it's chilling yet Hiroshi Iwasaki turn as Wiseman is unintentional comedy with his character animation looking like some smiley faced pedophile emotocon. Iwasaki's performance has always been the main problem I've had with this arc from a character stand point it's just hard to take Wiseman seriously when he sounds like one of the Aliens from Odin John Herbert from family Guy. Half the enjoyment of the episode is this thought in my head beyond on that large parts of it are a turgid slog through overwrought character exposition courtesy of Tsubasa Yonaga as Saphir. The story is going places but a few ridiculous performances and stiff animation make it par for the course as far as quality in the series that continues to disappoint only to momentary restore you're faith in it only to destroy it next episode.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Stream: My Love Story Episode 5

Enter Ai Suna's older sister who has harbored feelings for Takeo sine he was significantly younger than her. Ai is very much the "romantic rival" now although I doubt it will go anywhere as Yamato seems to be harboring a secret that Takeo being the dense but good hearted guy he is can't catch on to what seems to be the problem. It's a very cliche story device to put a rival in a relationship but the hints at a secret that Yamato can't reveal leads to promise of growth. Mostly it reestablishes how good Takeo is and while Yamato may be a little flat this hint at a secret inner life gives her more depth beyond being a cute girl defined only by her culinary skills. Seeds for a more nuanced story are laid her and while some of Ai's choices are ethically questionable deep down she's got a good heart that really loves Takeo. Reminding me of Yamada from Honey and Clover a bit, while I'm pretty sure nothing will go badly as this doesn't seem to be the kind of series to be needlessly cruel to it's audience. Some depth is here and that's good because early romance can be "the kiss of death" to a romance Manga as it gets stuck in a holding pattern that leads to simple inanity. Ai being introduced thankfully keeps that from happening and it doesn't really feel overly forced a tad contrived but understandable. An episode that might annoy some but I still find the series delightful in it's ethos of purity and honesty.