Monday, June 27, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Final Thoughts

With this, the series comes to a wrap and honestly it's nothing special tropes that have felt done a hundred times characters that are written as to be so stupid as to not notice the obvious and a twist in the plot involving the main villain that simply makes her look petty. Honestly while not awful this is forgettable while the monster design is interesting otherwise character design is weak. So with lack-luster writing a ;lackluster color pallet and cheap plasticine it's not the worst thing I've seen this season but it's just forgettable.

Spring Cleaning and Summer Set Up: End of Spring 2016 and the beging of Summer 2016 and site update

With Hundred wrapping up today the Spring 2016 that means Summer 2016 will soon be upon me and after Hundred wraps and I get the few straggling series that I have to finish up that have one or two episodes left. As for what I'm looking forward to this Summer high up on the list is Love Live Sunshine which while I was late to the party on the original Love Live School Idol Project. I'm on the ground floor from my favorite Aqours member (Ruby Kurosawa) to favorite Su Unit (Guilty Kiss). I still don't know if I'll only review one series as while it was nice to just focus on one series I ended up overcompensating by watching a lot of stuff and honestly some of it kind of scrambled my brain trying to keep all the plots straight. So I may end up reviewing more but watching less this summer. But I digress also as a site update my old Pavilion Laptop died so I had to buy a new one so I've been haveing to learn how to use the newer laptop I got and the heat wave and road construction it's been hard trying to work out the wherewithal to write a good review. Also on the watch list is Berserk now I watched the original Anime early on when I got back into Anime when I was 24 to 25. I didn't bother with the movie trilogy as it was just a retelling of the TV series with new CGI. While this is a completely new TV series based on post-Golden Age story arcs. It does not look good and some of the character design make Farnese and Serpico look like rejects from a Sentai team. Still, I have some hope that it will at least be written better. Second up is Orange based on the Manga of the same name I loved the original series I can only hope that the darker elements are not muted due to potential concerns from PTAs. Next is Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari 2nd the second half of Active Raid a Mecha series from this winter I had hopes for but ended up an incoherent garbled mess of weird tonal shifts. I can only hope it gets better in this as it could be good if handled rightly. Finally, Masou Gakuen HxH a Harem Light Novel with mecha elements honestly I am only watching this because it looks to be positively ribald and no real reason otherwise I may review it again it all depends on what is getting picked up by Crunchyroll and Funimation. So far I will be reviewing Orange, Berserk, and Love Live Sunshine that you have my word on so I'm back to reviewing three for the season but hopefully none of this will be as bad as Luck and Logic ended up being. While things I may be watching it all depends on also expect a postmortem of what I watched in the spring when all the shows I'm watching currently have wrapped. So onward and upward into Summer 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 11

dull, banal, and lifeless are the best words to describe this episode with almost two minutes dedicated to a music sequence followed by a lackluster under-emoted invasion by the main villain whereas this series has been over the top this episode oddly felt under emotional no one felt really in it as far as capturing the sheer terror of being invaded and the actions have lazy cuts of previous fights plastered into new parts and while the mecha design is interesting I couldn't be made to care about what was happening. I can only hope the next episode brings some closure and something I can actually feel or care about.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 10

This was again another bad episode while the occasional bits of earnest emotion ring true giving the episode a sincerity that is often lacking in some of the more cynical Anime. It's the improbable character writing with the main villain being introduced and given no real motive outside of some vague possibly false motive to stop the Hundred users from overtaking the world. On top of characters being introduced only to be used as transparent cogs in the machinery of story progression. Along with a completely unnecessary maid cafe jaunt by Hayato and Emilia which leads to maid fan service and just more unintentional Yaoi pandering to those who don't know that Emilia is a girl it just breaks the bonds of believably. In short the series episode feels like filler and while it does allow for some character development it just develops the same character tropes we have seen for the past nine episodes making it redundant and lazy. While Okuno, Kaya (who voices Hayato's little sister) gets a chance to sing in the end it's the same cheap lazy non-animation used previously in Sakura's music performance. It's workmanlike J-Pop and Okuno gets the nervious edge to Karen well wich makes sense since she voiced and got her start voicing Kaya Kikuma in Wake Up Girls. It's a nice little bit of writing that gives Karen something other than being the "sulky little sister" character.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 9

I know I said this show runs on full bore cliche but egads when the motivation of the protagonist is literally "I want to protect everyone's smile". I can not help but laugh when the enemies motivation is "I want my freedom" it gets ridiculous when it becomes plot important for the protagonist to make out with the student council president so he can pass on his power this series goes into a kind of entertainingly bad that I can't stop watching in short it's a stupid kind of fun that has one-dimensional characterization leaps of logic and characters whose motivation change on a dime. Still while writing may be a special kind of bad and character design can look overly CG the mawkishly sentimental backgrounds of the hunters the weird harem elements make this at least fun to watch as opposed to the indecipherable mess that is Big Order. This will never be a good series in the way that a Anime like Princess Kaguya will be considered good but this is none the less a fun series that one can enjoy for the cringy writing and overly earnest character motivation taken from some kind of Shonen Manga template but this is good popcorn Anime if nothing else even if it is so moldering in it's cliches and tropes that it's reduced to a pile of putrescent goo that even Bot Flys would not touch.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred Episode 8

More cliche even to the point that someone actually says that they want to "protect people's smiles" it's cheesy but enjoyable to see something so unselfconsciously earnest in it's ethos. Still it is hard to say much is original parts of it are simply enertaining while others are annoyingly cliche still fun even if it has all been done before.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Key The Metal Idol: Episodes 14-15 (Spoilers)

With this, the OVA series comes to an end with two Movie length episodes bringing the story to an indulgent end. With this the mystery of "what" Key is, is answered with her actually being a broken girl who like I thought was a "sleeper agent" to take out Ajo Heavy Industries while Sakura is sadly "harvested" for her gel (wich it turns out is an actualization of the human life force). While Wakagi and Tataki seek to save Sakura in episode 14 and bring about Key's "Idol debut"/ Making her human. Which it actually turns out that Key never was a Robot this was simply a girl who had powers so great she put herself into a mental state that kept her power in check. Sadly large parts of Episode 14 are long expository dialogues by Tataki about the importance of Idols that are downright soporific slowing down the pacing and momentum of the series. While episode 5 is nothing but "go" from start to finish with it building to ending that may frustrate some for its inconclusiveness. With Key almost bringing about an "Instrumentality Ending, till she learns that though being human is painful life has it's joys and sorrows in this one can see the zeitgeist of early 90s Sci-Fi and Mecha OVAs, Ghost In The Shell, or the latter Neon Genesis Evangelion. With a questioning of humanity and very much a "world of pain". Feel to it as is Key The Metal Idol is an interesting anomaly in a world of Anime that no longer exists when one could make an OVA sell it and overall make an interesting piece of art for a small base of fans. While Key is indulgent at times soporific in its pummeling of the message into the head of the audience and the dub feels wooden. It is still something I don't feel bad haveing watched because it is something that obviously had a lot of love put into it. It's a confusing but thoughtful piece on basic questions of what it means to be human while also allowing for flashy Sci-Fi battles.