Monday, December 5, 2016

Blog Update:Incresed Reading Reduced Writeing

A quick note I am planning on participating in The 2017 Christian Reading Challenge () and as I want to read more prose and varied kinds of it I'll be cutting back on my Anime viewing so eight series I was following are on hold still expect the Legend of The Galactic Heroes and The Irregular at Magic High School Novel reviews and an year end Best and Worst but no posts on shows I plan to watch, reviews of older series I have finished, editorials, or reviews of individual Manga series as 2017 will be mostly dedicated to meeting the challenge of the reading challenge also expect less shows being viewed as well so much 2015 but instead of burn out and personal issues being the reason it will be my quest to complete the 2017 Reading challenge as I hope to get a jump on it now and knock a few books off before it officially starts in 2017. Hopefully this will go well and I will complete it so who knows but just to summarize for 2017 expect only reviews of The Legend of The Galactic Heroes and The Irregular at Magic High School novels to go up in 2017 everything else is on hiatus so I can concentrate on the reading challenge and amount of shows I will be viewing will go down as well with two to one new series with Winter being a special dispensation of four if everything I want to see gets picked up by Crunchyroll or Daisuki not counting currently streaming series that are going to bleed over into Winter 2017 like All Out and March Comes In Like a Lion I started those in 2016 and will not drop them. So expect less variety in the end of the year list in 2017 as concerns Anime. Manga has always been a quick read for me and since I wont be reviewing any Manga in 2017 or reading reviews of Anime or Manga time will be cut down significantly. Also my thoughts on series will probably be unknown as I plan on staying of forums as well. I'll have my opinions but expect them to come at the end of the year and not piecemeal through forum posts or social media.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Backlog Edition

Recently, Crunchyroll acquired streaming rights to a bunch of titles from Nozomi Entertainment several I had dropped at some point or always meant to watch but never got around to watching them along with finishing up a series I had dropped and an OVA I had not had the chance to watch. This will be a series of quick reviews on each of the titles I finished. First are Onegai☆Teacher and Onegai☆Twins I watched both series dubbed as rule I don't like dubs as I find them wooden and stagey and the English language voice actors in these series nothing to make me more appreciative of dubs. Although it was nice to see Hoffman, Bridget as Mizuho Kazami as Hoffman was the English language voice of Belldandy in Oh My Goddess which was one the series that helped me get back into Anime. Onegai Teacher involves the protagonist Kei finding out that his new teacher is actualy an extrterstial observer and the romantic drama that ensues after he claims that she is his wife. It's really basic romantic comedy and certen parts of it feel written to explain away the ethical quandaries of student marrying his teacher it's slight but fun with an art style lokks old and kind cheap. Onegai Twins works a kind of sequel with the charcters from the first series in the background but this ti,me involveing the oprhedn tennage computer designer Maiku who finds out that girls are claiming to be his long lost twin sister what ensues are a sometimesfrustateingly thoughtful look at what constutes family with unfunny jokes about inscest and fan service so blatent that it becomes laughable of the two Onegai Twins is actualy better as it has diftirent tonal shifts and while wish fuffilment doe not feel as transeparently so as Onegai Teacher both seires also came with an OVA that is essentialy a threteenth episode but so derail the charcteresation of the series that they are not worth watching unless one is a compleateist. Mahoutsukai Tai! OVA: Directed and written by Junichi Satou (Sailor Moon TV and Junkers Come Here!) is a story of a group of misfit school club of wizards and witches who have to save the world form potential alien invasion while also having romantic comedy hijinx. The animation is pretty and the overall story flows okay but the humor is the style of Slayers and just doesn't work for me. Junjou Romantica: Yaoi Anime that got three seasons helmed by Studio Deen (they get a supriseing amount of Yaoi tossed there way)tells the story of three couples and has a distressing amount of "rapey" content in it along with charcter archetypes that you may love or hate depending on how you like your Yaoi. But worse than being bad it's dull and the hilariously off model animation doesn't help and large parts of it wher soporific attempts at drama or one of the charcter complaining about the relationship they are in lots of Tsundere pouting on the side of the Uke. Bland boarderline offensive and unenegageing. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Aharem Anime in wich the gimmick is that one of the heroines could end up being the lead's long lost half-sister. It's cheap has a gross concept and overly convoluted premise that has one glareingly eeasy and simple solution that is never wplored. Thankful the series solves the "mystery" of who the little sister is in episode 12 while episode 13 became an OVA. This was oeginaly in 2012 during what could be said to have been the hight of the seeming little sister craze in Anime and it's really again not that good as again it looks cheap. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA: an OVA included with a copy of the Light Novel this made me laugh in spite of myself with the crew getting the most of the fact that could do things on an OVA unencumbered by Television standards and practices. With Kazuma thiking he only has four days to live after putting on a magical choker found in Wiz's shop the rest of the cast make an effort to make his last days on earth peaceful but this being the cast of Konosuba nothing goes right Kazuma makes creepy perverted requests of the girls my personal favroute being him thrusting his crotch in the face Megumin after she says she hopes "it" breaks. Only for Kazuma to get a blast of hot spring water up his butt. Or confessing to various things the girls didid'nt know he did because he thinks he is on death's door. In short it is eberything I loved about the orginal TV series only able to go even farther thanks to it being an OVA. Deintely worth a watch if you were a fan of the orginal series.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog Update: State of The Blog and Random and Sundry Thoughts

Figured since I have not written a review since Yosuga no Sora figured I'd give an update that no I have not dropped off the face of the earth or abandoned blogging I have simply been consuming a lot more Anime and not reviewing it as I dropped reviewing Classicaloid and retired the weekly streaming review for each season. As this honestly, I feel ran it's course and the shows I was reviewing were reviewed better by people at Anime News Network or the shows where not much of anything to review one only has to look at my reviews of Luck and Logic and Hundred to see that it became increasingly hard to try and find anything constructive or insightful to say about some of the series I've reviewed in the past. Another thing holding up reviews is a lot of the series I plan on reviewing are either tied up in pre-orders or it will involve me haveing to read a Light Novel wich takes significantly longer to read and write than a review of one volume of Manga or one episode of Anime. With reviews of Goblin Slayer, the next two volumes of both The Irregular At Magic High School andThe Legend of The Galactic Heroes and Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody all coming in on top of haveing to finish Futaro Yamada's The Kouga Ninja Scrolls and watching a total of 34 series. So a lot of irons are in the fire on top of it being the holiday season and since I work in retail that means I will be extremely busy with work on top of social functions so finding the time to consume, analyze, and interpret a piece of media is going to be a luxury for the next couple months. Besides I am haveing way too much fun just watching things like Dragon Ball Super, Drifters, Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, Kaijuu Girls, Keijo!!!!!!!!, and Tiger Mask W. While online reviewing that I consume has basically trickled down to the Youtube channels of Kenji the Enji and Anime Everyday. I've tried in the past to try and give channels like Animerica and Digibro a hearing but ultimately it just feels like a couple of over blown characters trying to either milk controversy for page views and potential income or setting up some overblown "Star System" fictional universe and bad sketch comedy. I wish them both well but simply put it is not for me. While Anime News Network I still like Anime News Network interviews are almost always on point news is varied and frequent and the forum while I'm not as involved in the forum as I was when I first joined in 2010 but it's still a good forum for as little as I'm involved. Yet and this was something I was going to write about at the end of the year but I figured might as well write about ti now and that is Hope Chapman who some may remember from her time on That Guy With The Glasses and Youtube doing the JesuOtaku Anime Review wich I always but thought the series "jumped the shark" after her 100 favorite Anime list devolving into the kind of profane sketch based video reviewing that has become par for the course on what is now Channel Awsome. Then she quit TGWTG and got a job as the Associate Editor of Editorial at ANN and engaged to Executive Editor Zac Bertschy who also who also hots the ANNcast wich is the only Anime related podcast I listen to. Anyway, Hope's reviews became increasingly based on an increasingly liberal social view point the Apothis of this being her review of Konosuba's first episode. Until come to find out Hope has now decided she is and always has been a Man. and has recently married Zac so now she passes herself off as man it's sad because a smart female voice has been silenced because of her giving her self over to depraved and sinful life style there is still hope for her to repent and be forgiven no one is too far from the Grace of God to save anyone no matter how deep in rebellion they may be but I digress. Anyway, this whole acceptance of Hope's new "identity has frankly made ANN a much sadder place for me as no one seems willing to mourn the passing of Hope and this morsl travisty that is her trying to pass as a man. Or the outright approveal of it wich for me sin is sin and I'm not going to be a jerk about it but I will not approve of what I see and The Bible of wich I am completely beholden to trust honor, and revere say is a sin. I really wish this sort of thing did'nt have to be brought up but I have nowhere else to speak my mind on this and this will be the only time I'll write about it on here. Becuese honestly the whole issue of Transgenderism makes me profoundly sad as it is little else than a "slow motion suicide". While the ANNcast when it was Zac and Justin hosting it felt ordered and neat with Hope and Zac it has a tendency to devolve into one those free-form rambling Anime podcasts that feel like a conversation out of the club meetings in Genshiken. Thankfully there is still some structure to the show but I don't know how long that will last and the ANNcas moving to Youtube has me worried that it may end up like Crunchyroll's podcast a sad attempt at trying to brand the lifestyle of the website through the employees who do not know how to speak in a podcast setting and mostly ends up feeling like a gauche attempt at trying to sell fans on the "experience" of Crunchyroll. I hope this does not happen but given the judicial hardening Hope has undergone and people on ANN turning a blind eye to it or celebrating it I honestly the prospect of watching ti week to week too depressing to endure. beyond the "scarification" of her voice by taking Testosterone being hard enough. so enough on that just know I have not given up reviewing only The Stream feature and reviews are going to take longer due to work and Novels taking longer to read and write reviews for. With that, I hope this has not been too boring or unintentionally insensitive in some places.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Yosuga no Sora: Full Series Review (Spoilers)

Yosuga no Sora the story of siblings Haruka and Sora Kasugano who are forced to move back to their Grandparents medical clinic in the Japanese countryside after the death of their parents in an accident. Quickly introduces a cast of old friends and new acquaintances to the siblings while Haruka and Sora try to function given their new relationship dynamic and Sora's often jealous and possessive outbursts aginst anyone she perceives as "stealing" her older brother from her. There is no nice way to talk about this series Yosuga no sora is one the worst Anime I have ever seen it is emotionally manipulative, dull, artless, and profoundly unpleasant in the whole. The series it'self is set up as an Omnibus series much like Amagami SS wich had a few episodes dedicated to a given heroine than reset the continuity of the series. Yosuga no Sora instead uses the first episode to introduce all the girl's routes than parcels them up between episodes making it a confusing snarl of plot points that undercut other parts and plot continuity. While Haruka as a protagonist is nothing a blank slate and cipher that exists as nothing more than the heroine of the given route emote against while this series is not coy about its origin as an 18+ Visual Novel with each route haveing at least one sex scene with the given heroine including at least one badly explained rape scene that gets's hand waved with the tired explanation of the victim actually wanting it. None of these animated well with basic anatomy being beyond the animator's ability then there is of course probably the one thing most people who haven't even seen this series know about it. it is about a brother and sister who end up haveing sex with each other. Now incest as a topic in Anime can be explored intelligently the 2004 Anime, Koi Kaze being a prime example but even something as pandering as Kiss x Sis works better than Yosuga no Sora because it at least knows that it's a dumb fanservice show. Yosuga no Sora tries to invest some sort of tragic romantic element into Sora and Haruka's relationship that given the omnibus nature of the series feels broken along with certain scenes feeling lifted from better series. In short, this is a series that has frankly become mimetically bad a series one can use to troll people with when asked for Anime suggestions along with the likes of Boku No Pico and Bible Black. All of the females leads are one-dimensional archetypes and I really wish I could say something profound about the series but that giving something of this dubious quality more regard than it deserves and really if anything this deserves to be forgotten.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Final Fall Stream 2016 and The Final The Stream: Classicaloid Episode 3

First, as a preface this will be the last streaming post I will be doing as I've loved reviewing episodes week to week I find that others are simply doing it better and while I will continue to review the occasional show as strikes my fancy given the sheer volume of Anime I am watching it watching all of that and writing a weekly review is a bit too much for me so I am retiring The Stream after a good run. Episode three introduces two new Classicaloids Frédéric Chopin who is now a social anxiety ridden Hikikomori who lives in a spare room in Kanae's rental property and Franz Liszt who is now a woman obsessed with love. Again this sort of zany wackiness is par for the course and is something I find enjoyable but those who are bigger fans of Classical Music may again feel this does not take the subject matter seriously but we are dealing with a series that has a Gyoza obsessed Beethoven so I don't think historical accuracy was ever one of its strong points. Visually thankfully this had more movement than last episode and the surreal mindscapes created by the music of the composers are a real visual feast but not much happens other than the introduction of the two new composers and the same comedy beats wich I enjoy.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Stream 2016: Classicaloid Episode 2

Most of the focus is one Kanae for this week's episode as she is still the put-upon straight man fro the wacky antics of Mozart and Beethoven. You think this would make her unlikable but it actually makes her more sympathetic as she has to be the mature one. Especially with Mozart now convinced that she is in love with him until her Birthday comes up and he gets slapped into remembering his musik after he gives a highly inappropriate gift to her. This episode was more of the first the joke about Beethoven being obsessed with Gyoza is still there it makes no sense but logic has never been the strong point of this series ever. While animation is severly limmited with most of it being limited animation stills more as a cost saving measure to the benafift for the flashy musical spectacle towards the end of the series. It's kind of like watching a motion comic but I can understand why it was done. Overall this episode is more the same from episode one and I still enjoy it but anyone expecting a serious treatment of classical music is going to be sorely disappointed as an exercise in anarchic comedy it works as tool of education it is hit or miss.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Stream 2016: Classicaloid: First Impressions

The original production by Studio Sunrise and NHK being directed by Yoichi Fujita was the series I have been waiting months for and it does not fail to impress the story of Highschool students Sōsuke Kagura a wannabe musician and his childhood friend Kanae Otowa who in the process of haveing to deal with her grandmother's home being foreclosed and set up for demolition now has to also deal with two freeloaders in the abnormal personages of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who go about wreaking havoc and making a nuisance of themselves. Classicaloid was the I was most excited about haveing waited for months for it to finally be released for Simulcast in the United States and now haveing watched it I am not disappointed in the slightest it is a raucous stew of bright prismatic colors loud physical comedy and absurdity. While the comedy is much the vein of traditional Manzai style humor with Kanae being the put-upon straight man while Beethoven and Mozart wreak havoc and she reacts rather understandably it is the over the top nature of the composer's actions. From Beethoven going on a long impassioned speech about Goyza to the mystery behind them and what they are it is a series brimming with energy while some could say it's overwrought the few downbeat moments of Kanae reminiscing over past memories of her Grandmother or Sōsuke expositioning backstory settle the series and ground it in the reality of the fictional universe. instead of it feeling like a collection of unstructured self-contained gags. Being about Classical music this is one where while I don't know a lot about Classical music I thankfully was not lost completely when pieces were used in the series and overall it also didn't feel like a dry lecture but captured the joy and enthusiasm found in the piece. I have no idea what future episodes hold but if they can keep up this level of enthusiasm and passion combined with visual polish this will be the best Anime of the year.